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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a digital marketing and advertising strategy used by companies throughout the world. It has left positive and profitable impacts on many businesses and brands. PPC can help you attract the much needed valuable traffic and revenue. Work With the best SEO Company Faridabad and get more sales for your business.

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With careful consideration and thoughtful planning PPC advertising can be a helpful resource investment to get start-ups off the ground alongside other marketing campaigns. With WinkTrak, Being the Best SEO Company in Faridabad, your PPC marketing strategy is very much effective. We will help you make your PPC ad relevant. We do so by using dynamic keyword insertion. This will automatically insert the keyword a user searches for directly into the ad. It will make your ad look extremely relevant. This is also available on search engines like Google and Bing. Our Pay Per Click services :

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Winktrak has an expert team to research keywords for you. This will save you valuable time to do other work. Our expert team will research your target audience’s interests and needs. Then a marketing strategy will be created to boost your company and sales figures. Like other marketing experts, we also take note of search terms and competitors that show up in the search results.​

CRAWL,Walk & Run

WinkTrak believes in crawl, walk and run. PPC can be costly if you don’t use the data and test results to expand your marketing strategy. We typically go into the business, slow things down and have a real conversation about starting off slow and then expanding once we have enough data to make informed decisions that will fuel your growth.

Measurable Results

For PPC and digital marketing, measurement is available to the advertiser. You can measure every click, every view and interaction down to the last dollar, a customer adds to their e-commerce cart! PPC is highly recommendable for every type of business. The results are immediate and measurable.​

Immediate results

PPC gives businesses the opportunity to look deeply into what keywords are relevant to their products and services. With PPC results are easy to track and measure. It helps you deliver specific messages to the target audience at the prime time. This is when you can convert the clicks into sales. PPC ads are flexible. You can change it, test it and optimize it as per your requirements to get the maximum results. ​

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WinkTrak believes that for immediate traffic, ad campaigns should be run on PPC. This feature is good for new websites that looking for visibility. We know that keywords are vital for every website and business. WinkTrak will look into your businesses products and services and do its research on keywords. Keywords give you online presence. When the users’ type in specific keywords, phrases or queries in regards to your business, the search engine will pick it up and display the results. This helps businesses to stay and remain in the forefront.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing strategy whereby the advertiser pays a certain amount of fee every time their ad is clicked. In simple words, the advertiser buys visits to their sites. Businesses usually opt for PPC services when they are unsure about their keyword market. Moreover, this strategy is much faster. Compared to traditional forms of advertisement, PPC is effective and measurable. If you put an ad in the newspaper, magazine or the television, you will not know who read or saw your ad. PPC allows the business to measure every view and click. WinkTrak uses measurement tools such as AdWords and Bing Ads.

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PPC gives a higher return on investment (ROI). You can also localize your PPC Ad with geographical positioning. This will exclude those who are outside your target location and draw in the local customers. And this is very effective. PPC and SEO work alongside each other. For long term goals, it is best to use SEO with PPC. This will help you with strengthening your keywords and making the Ad attractive. Connect with WinkTrak, your number one IT solutions company for all your digital marketing needs. We do search engine optimization, website design and development; AD film making; and social media marketing. Get in touch with us for your prefect PPC Ad. 


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